Discovering Bali: Canggu

If you’re into surfing, yoga, healthy food, simple island life with a bit more party then Bali is the destination for you. This beautiful island in Indonesia has been rising in popularity amongst backpackers, surfers, artists and most recently the location independent entrepreneurs.  With more coworking spaces popping up on the island with reliable internet, picturesque beaches,  outdoor sports and healthy food readily available, Cangu, Bali is becoming a top destination for digital nomads looking to reduce costs of living while also maintaining an extremely high quality of life.  Surfing, yoga, and coworking make it easy to build a community and solo-travelers won’t be be solo for very long. Some who intended to only visit for a few days or months end up never actually leaving.
Have we got your curiosity piqued? Read on as we cover everything a digital nomad needs to  make this location a perfect work/life integration destination. From  the top co-working spaces, accommodations, and ideal spots for outdoor activities, we uncover why this is becoming a top spot for digital nomads. So let’s get down to business so we can get you filled on the nitty gritty details and off jet-setting to Bali.

One trip, many destinations

Bali’s most popular destinations are located in the southern part of the island. These are Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu. Ubud is in the central part of Bali but still a frequently visited place despite it being farther. However, let’s take a look at one of our digital nomad favorites, Canggu, and see what they have to offer.


Canggu is an 8km coastal stretch with two surf breaks and a cool and chill beach community. It’s not as crowded as Ubud or Seminyak but still a popular place if you crave a little party and enjoying meeting new people.


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Surfing is big in Canggu since it hosts some epic surf breaks like Batu Balong, Echo, and Mengening Beaches which attract both locals and tourists to try and ride their waves. Canggu has both beginner and advanced surfing spots and it’s best to ask locals in surf shops or instructors on the beach where you should paddle out.
Yoga is also big in Canggu with many studios constantly popping up. Two worth mentioning are Desa Seni and The Practice.

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Desa Seni is a beautiful place to take your practice. It’s a peaceful retreat with gardens, footpaths, and bungalows all throughout the space. On top of regular yoga, they also do healing and energy practices.The Practice is a studio with a really cool vibe. The team consists of six teachers, each with a different background and approach to yoga. One of their biggest core values is to bring the traditional teachings of yoga both on and off the mat.

-Healthy food

If you’re a health nut, you won’t run out of places to eat in Canggu. Almost all restaurants and cafes offer delicious, amazing, and healthy Indonesian food.


One very popular place is Deus Ex Machina, a place that describes itself as “chilled but classic.” Its food combines Indonesian and Western cuisine while the atmosphere is dead set on getting everyone to kick back and relax. It’s the spot for hanging out, a post-surf food stop, and late night meet-ups. Their menu offers a variety of salads, chia puddings, veggie burgers, fresh seafood, and more.
Be sure not to miss out the following places as well:Betelnut CafeAvocado CafeGormet CangguGrocer and Grind

-Work spaces

After some great surfing and food tripping, it’s time to do some work. Canggu has some great co-working spaces that offer fast internet, something that unfortunately most cafes can’t guarantee. 
One of these is Dojo Bali. It’s a one-minute walk from Echo Beach and isn’t just a place to find a spot to set your laptop and get to working by yourself. This place promotes collaboration, productivity, and positive social and environmental change. Aside from that, it offers conference rooms, private booths for Skype conference calls, and even a pool to cool off.


While Canggu is generally a safe place with friendly people, it’s best to always be aware of your belongings and surroundings. Watch your drinks, don’t walk around alone at night,
use common sense and you should have nothing worry about

-Cost of Living

If all this has convinced you to give Bali and Canggu a try, great! You’ll surely have awesome experiences and meet very interesting people, both local and foreign.
The cost of living in Canggu for a digital nomad who isn’t pinching his/her Rupiah is around  2,092 USD per month or 28,248,586 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). The longer you stay and the more places you discover, the easier it will be to have control of your expenses and possibly lower the cost. A local’s cost of living in Canggu is only 478 USD per month.
So what are you waiting for and let’s book that trip to Bali. With epic surf, yoga, coworking , friendly people, and a plethora of  healthy food, it makes staying healthy and that work/life integration not just a dream but a reality.